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JOHN T KARES (Lead Vocals and Harmonies, Acoustic Guitar)

Calistoga, California - March 25, 2019 Much like the Allman Brothers and Crosby, Stills and Nash before him, John T Kares is looking to bring heart back into songwriting with his 2018 release, Gravity.

         - Olivia Rae, Journalist & Editor, Artist PR

More than a dozen songs made their way onto John T Kares 2018 new release Gravity.  Each one showcasing the California songwriters ability to captivate audiences while elevating what it means to deliver a well-crafted song; from "Small Towns" to "Line In The Sand" to "Just In Time".  He states, "If I reach one listener on a very personal level I consider my efforts a success".

Reaching people will never be a problem for JT as he writes about social issues in nature.  He notes, "Music is a social tool of healing and communication that begins with the honest creation and self exposure from the inside out by the writer and absorbed from the outside in by the listener.  My goal is to create a moment, a lytic, a melody or recall of a special memory on the part of the listener that will remain with them for a long time".  A seasoned songwriter, he is hard at work on a follow-up album as impressive as the last.  Of course he is not alone in the studio with renown musicians having recorded and performed with Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, The Dobbie Brothers, Three Dog Night, Tracy Chapman, Frank Zappa, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Rita Coolidge, Neil Diamond and others.  One doesn't happen to work with a dynamic group of musicians for nothing.  John T Kares is a professional in the industry, with incredible talent and able to surround himself with key players as skilled as he.

                              - Artist PR, March 25, 2019

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Scarlet is an American violinist best known for her work with Bob Dylan on his bestselling Desire album and as a member of the Rolling Thunder Review tour along with Joan Baez, Roger McGuinn, Jack Elliott, Joni Mitchell and others.  Scarlet has multiple CDs as a composer including numerous instrumental styles including new-age, rock, Celtic, classical, and bluegrass.  She has performed with many renowned artists including Duke Ellington, Tracey Chapman, Indigo Girls, Keb Mo, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Sylvia Tyson.

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Jeff is a well known lead guitarist throughout the Los Angeles area who has played with L.A. bands Jetliner, Marizane, Bored and Bread and Circus as well as being the guitarist/arranger for E.G. Daily.  

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DENNY CROY (Bass Guitar)

Accomplished blues and jazz bassist having recorded with a wide range of great artists including Lou Christie, Darlene Love, Leslie Gore, Brian Setzer and the great Doug MacLeod.  Training with the legendary Carole Kaye, Denny is one of the few bass instructors in the L.A. area (McCabe’s in Santa Monica) Ms. Kaye recommends.

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M.B. GORDY (Percussion)

One of the most sought after percussionists in the L.A. market and the industry, M.B. is a versatile percussionist crossing all musical styles having been the featured percussionist for The Doobie Brothers and Three Dog Night.  He has worked with artists including Frank Zappa, Green Day, Loggins and Messina, Rita Coolidge, REO Speedwagon, Yoko Ono, and Neil Diamond.  M.B. is credited with numerous film scores including Secretariat, The Bourne Legacy, American Sniper, Sing, Frozen and many others. 

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WAYNE PEET (Keyboards)

Originally from Dallas, TX, Wayne is an American jazz pianist and organist active chiefly in the West Coast jazz scene.  Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, he moved to Los Angeles in 1978 to play with John Rapson and subsequently with Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Vinny Golia and Steuart Liebig.  He also wrote arrangements for Brian Setzer, played with Bobby Bradford and engineered the first Leviathan Brothers EP.

Released August 2018
All songs written by John T Kares
Recorded at the following studios:
Sunburst Recording, Culver City, CA
Signalhouse Recording, Los Angeles, CA
4th Street Recording, Santa Monica, CA
Newzone Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by John Axtell and Wayne Peet
Mixed by John Axtell at Signalhouse, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Joe Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Cover artwork by Charles W. Curtis
Produced by John T Kares and John Axtell
© ℗ 2018 Stubborn Soul Music (BMI)
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One of the most soulful voices in the Los Angeles area, born and raised in the British Virgin Islands, Rozee is an extremely knowledgeable and articulate singer having performed and recorded in the L.A. market most of her career.   A recording artist with her own original material (“Rozee”), she understands the balance of emotional and honest sincerity with technical accuracy.  Her delivery is effortless and the result is masterful.

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